creating a sustainable cashmere supply chain
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Animal welfare

Animal Welfare Code of Practice

Rangeland farming of the Cashmere goat in Mongolia is managed in line with customs and traditions that have been followed for centuries and are part of herding family culture. It is from this perspective that the Sustainable Fibre Alliance has produced these Code of practice guidelines which support the traditions of herding families and take account of the increasing interest shown by prospective purchasers of Cashmere fibre in animal welfare issues. The SFA Code of practice is underpinned by the internationally agreed principles of the Five Freedoms. A competent herder will understand that the welfare of the rangeland goat is a major component of successful animal husbandry.

Following the consultations on our Animal Welfare Codes of Practice with herding communities, SFA has developed a staged implementation of its Code of practices, initial step is training the leaders of the cooperatives in introducing animal welfare guidelines and followed by herders and herder cooperatives that comply with the Code of Practice are certified to use the ‘SFA Assured’ logo.