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Consultation - Cashmere Fibre Processing Standard

Overview of Development

The SFA is undertaking work to develop a Code of Practice (CoP) for Cashmere Fibre Processing. Our highest priorities are to include representation from all potential stakeholders and to create a tool that balances effective requirements with realistic and auditable criteria. Brands have expressed their need for assurance that the ethical use of natural resources and labour can be monitored and the environmental impact minimised.

Code of Practice

A Cashmere Processing CoP is being developed to ensure that processed cashmere fibre is treated in ways to demonstrate best practice in environmental controls(that avoids pollution, acts to safeguard the water cycle and energy) and also social element and ethical use of labour in its supply chain. It is proposed that the fibre processing CoP is separated into units; each unit referring to a separate element of the sustainable fibre processing CoP.  The elements will be:

  • Environmental requirements: Ensuring commitment to working towards the elimination of industrial pollutants from the scouring and wet processing of fibre.

  • Social and ethical requirements: Ensuring processing plants to operate in an ethical way, in relation to natural and human resources.

  • Economic responsibility: Ensuring due diligence as part of the supply chain contracting process and ensuring the continuance of an organisation to trade.

Title of CoP – Cashmere Fibre Fibre Processing is under review. As title must reflect content and purpose of CoP so it is not misleading. The CoP is more than just cleaning fibre, it involves environmental, social & ethical and the economic benefits.

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 How to Contribute

Interested parties may contribute to the consultation by submitting comments here or by email to  Comments on the process as well as the content of the draft standard are welcome. All comments submitted by the consultation deadline of 30 September 2019 will be considered during the finalising of the first stage certification standard.

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