creating a sustainable cashmere supply chain
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Public Consultation


Public Consultations


Development of cashmere Fibre Processing standard

A Fibre Processing Code of Practice is to be developed to ensure that any cashmere processed is treated in ways that demonstrate best practice in the ethical labour and the environmental controls and acts to safeguard the water cycle.

It is proposed that the Cashmere Fibre Processing CoP is separated into units; each unit referring to a separate element.  The elements will be:

Environmental requirements:

Ensuring commitment to working towards the elimination of industrial pollutants from the scouring and wet processing of animal fibre.

Social and ethical requirements:

Ensuring processing plants are operating in an ethical way, in relation to natural and human resources.

Economic responsibility:

Ensuring due diligence as part of the supply chain contracting process and ensuring the continuance of an organisation to trade.

We wanted to make you aware that the development of the Fibre Processing Code of Practice is underway and the first public consultation will commence on Monday 26th August 2019. Feedback on the process as well as the content of the draft standard is invited from all stakeholders including members, fibre processors and manufacturers, brands and retailers, NGO's, academics and universities. The deadline of 30 September 2019 has been set for all responses for consideration.

What Happens Next?

The first draft of the Fibre Processing Code of Practice will be made available to all stakeholders who wish to participate in the consultation. For your opportunity to get involved, click on the link below, submit the requested information and you will receive a copy of the Code of Practice for you to review. Feedback supplied in writing by email or by amending your copy and using the Track Changes function.
Thank you.