creating a sustainable cashmere supply chain

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SFA Members


Membership demonstrates an organisation’s commitment to the sustainability –to the people, the environment and to the sector’s future


Burberry’s support for the SFA fits into our strong commitment to continuously explore more productive and sustainable ways of working. Cashmere is one of our key materials and as such we are working closely with the SFA to protect the delicate ecosystem where cashmere goats are herded in Mongolia and promote young people into the industry. The SFA’s training programme’s and Codes of Practice’s ensure that we are supporting the livelihoods of the Mongolians in the industry and working towards a sustainable end to end supply chain.
— Burberry PLC
As a responsible manufacturer specialising in cashmere, we recognise the importance of ensuring that the supply chain for cashmere is sustainable and ethical.
To this end the work of the SFA is extremely important for the future of our industry and maintaining and improving the livelihood and way of life of the people of Mongolia.

The whole supply chain can only benefit from such important initiatives.
— Johnston’s of Elgin