creating a sustainable cashmere supply chain

About the SFA

About the SFA


About the SFA

The Sustainable Fibre Alliance (SFA) is a non-profit international organisation working with the extended cashmere supply chain, from herders to retailers.  Our goal is to promote a global sustainability standard for cashmere production in order to preserve and restore grasslands, ensure animal welfare and secure livelihoods.

Our aim is to ensure that internationally traded cashmere is produced using sustainable practices, resulting in a reduced environmental footprint and to secure appropriate economic returns for participants throughout the supply chain.

The SFA was founded in 2015, we provide an independent, non-competitive platform that enables end to end cashmere supply chain, non government and government organisations to come together with a common interest in ensuring sustainability in the cashmere industry.

The Sustainable Fibre Alliance has three clear goals:

  • Environmental resilience in cashmere producing regions.
  • Improved long-term prospects for herding communities that rely on cashmere markets.
  • Assurance on animal welfare within cashmere production.


Our vision is that all cashmere is produced in an environmentally friendly way that safeguards the livelihoods of herding communities and protects the important, fragile environment in which they live.